Thursday, April 22, 2010



I pushed the box near the door to get ready for tomorrow. My laptop charger is already in the box and there is no way to connect to the world. I’m right in front of a tea table, writing a blog on a $1 notebook with a pen, while munching on a bottle of kimchi. After each line, I hope that I stimulate what is even left of my brain. Can’t sleep, it is just about 10 more hours before I finally return home. After spending more red ink, I felt more human than I ever was these past months. It is just like rediscovering humanity. Routinely, I’m just on my bed in front of my laptop after work. Funny, I just noticed that this is the first time that I actually used this tea table. Because I eat, drink tea, sleep and do most things on bed.

As I Scribbled more, the more it feel natural. As if I am really one with nature. The feeling is even stronger than when I drink tea. Each time, I connect to the internet, It felt like connecting to the world. That is why I decided to do blogs. But now it’s different. With each stroke of the pen, I’m starting to feel the right connection. Not a connection to the world, but the connection with myself. Aside from feeling strongly about this, I am writing this first blog not just to connect with the readers but importantly to encourage them to make the right connection with themselves. And as for my very first blog; wit h some connections come a disconnection. It is time to stop the pen from bleeding, for I am no writer or a poet, just a dreamer with a pen.